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[Please Help!] Unsure how to make use of Daily Hit Threads

Discussion in 'Help & Guides' started by turk-master-flex-night, May 3, 2019.

  1. turk-master-flex-night

    turk-master-flex-night New Turker

    Hello! Just looking for a small bit of advice.

    Since the threads update so quickly, should I be using a page refresh tool to keep up? Usually I always miss the hits (they're gone less than 1 min later) so I know I should at least be using Panda Crazy, right?

    How do you make the best use of the threads?

    EDIT: It seems threads auto update here, which I didn't realize (thank god)
  2. SunlitSunflower

    SunlitSunflower Survey Slinger

    Mostly for low quality content messageing
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  3. ChrisTurk

    ChrisTurk Administrator

    Nowadays most of the daily threads are mostly just for discussion, it's much more difficult to rely on a forum to actually catch HITs then it used to be years ago when the practice of having a daily HITs thread was kind of 'established'.

    It's better to rely on your scraper to send fresh HITs to a panda manager like PC and use the daily to kind of keep a pulse on how the day is going, new requesters to keep an eye out for, ask questions, or just kill some down time so you don't go insane from 500 bubble paloozas haha :)
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  4. redsfan33

    redsfan33 Active Turker

    I don't really get HITs off there to complete usually. You'll want to use a scraper to gather HITs before they get posted here. HitForker is what I use and it's definitely a handy script.

    I mainly use the daily thread to see reviews and what not before completing a HIT. And for low quality content messaging.
  5. Girl Polar Bear

    Girl Polar Bear Queen of the North

    Those days are gone. People are working more efficiently nowadays.

    But, hey! daily thread is fun and still help each other with lots of issues regarding mturk like unfair rejections, remesh messed ups, wrong links, bonuses, etc.

    Keep an eye on the forum, but not to catch HITs from there.
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  6. slothbear

    slothbear Survey Slinger

    I'll echo what others have said about the daily thread. There are useful tidbits that pop up now and again, chatter about quals when they show up, workflow/script discussion (not as much as there used to be...where have all the script kiddies going?)...