VacationRentalAPI | Work History & Bonus Tracker [Basic]

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    New Script: VacationRentalAPI | Work History & Bonus Tracker [Basic]
    Description: [h3]Full History Storage[/h3]
    This script will store all of the text evidence you submit with each listing, this way you can go back & retrieve information if an error occurs or if you need to double check your work (we've all mixed up tabs once or twice & panicked afterwards!)


    Currently supported fields are:
    • Success Token
    • Parcel Number
    • Full Address
    • Unit Type & Value (if applicable)
    • Latitude/Longitude
    • Proof Text Field
    • Explanation of images 1, 2, 3 (note the images are not stored, sorry)
    • Evidence of images 1, 2, 3 (note the images are not stored, sorry)
    * Records are purged after 70 days to respect storage limits & probably unnecessary at that point.

    [h3]Detailed Bonus Tracker[/h3]

    Unlike the previous version which only stored a vague total bonus earned amount this version will give a detailed breakdown of every HIT, if a bonus was supposed to be earned or not, and if you've confirmed the bonus.

    Assignment Id - Right now all tracking is done by pasting the assignment id from your bonus email into the field (I know this is tedious for huge bonus finders, I'll add in more general tracking later on once I get some more info on when the cycle actually is now)

    The assignment_id can be found in the email on the line that reads:

    You've received a bonus from VacationrentalAPI for work related to 3XXXYYYZZZAAABBBCCC.

    "3XXXYYYZZZAAABBBCCC" is the assignment_id, just paste that into the input box under "Enter New Bonus" from VacationRentalAPI's MTurk Profile Page & hit save!

    VRAPI vacationrentalapi
    To review/install the full script check out TurkerView!
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