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    Webomates is working to create a responsive, adaptable and long-term community of workers. We publish HITs daily between 1:30 A.M - 5:30 A.M UTC, Monday to Friday. You can search our HITs using the keyword "webomates". And we look forward to continued participation.

    Why work for Webomates HITs?

    1. We have 24 hours payment policy.

    2. We have ELITE group with exclusive workers for higher payment compared to normal workers.

    3. We have 99.5 Assignments Approval percentage since July 2016.

    4. Our Top Workers are able to complete 100+ HITs in a month.

    Using continuous feedback from the Mturk worker community we publish quality HITs. Highlights of HITs published by us are:

    1. User-friendly task interface

    2. Simply Instruction language to perform the tasks

    3. Improved publishing algorithm incorporated to have balanced size of HITs.

    If you are interested to work for us we recommend to fill out this form: http://bit.ly/webomates_mturk_feedback. This will help us to understand your preferences and reaching out to you.

    If you have any feedback or how we can improve feel free to write us at support@webomates.com
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    We have published new group of HITs. You can search our hits using the keyword "webomates".

    We look forward to your participation. Feel free to send us feedback on how we can improve to <support@webomates.com>

    Thank you,
    Webomates Team
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    Did one of the hits. Very easy to understand instructions and seemed pretty straight forward. Only complaint is the pay was ridiculously low and unless the pay were raised I couldn't see myself doing any more.