Why are there some requesters who will not repsond and and commcuate with workers?

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    I don't understand Requester's who will not respond and communicate with Requester's? It would seem they would want to keep this line of communications open as they seem more concerned with quality. When a requester will never tell a worker what they are doing wrong or give them chance to dispute a rejection in question and should go against Mturk TOS.

    One should be able to report this to the Department of Labor under the guide lines of under Labor Law Violations as wage theft when the hit was done correctly. Mturk needs to have red flag on any Requester's that seem rejection happy as this could be seen as wage theft.

    It would be nice if Mturk would do more investigating to make sure that unfair Labor Law Violations doe not happen against workers who put in a lot of time.

    Thank You
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    I agree completely. The requesters who reject work with generic "Did not meet our standards" comments, need to further explain why. Especially if the HIT is a higher value. I asked requester C Lab why they rejected the 15 minute survey I did for $1.50 and they never responded besides the "Did not meet our standards" comment they had left when they rejected it. Losing a $1.50 and 15 minutes when you are averaging less than $6 an hour really hurts. Seems the requesters have all the power and we just have to hope we get paid for work completed competently. Don't forget that rejecting that $1.50 HIT actually saves the requester much more than $1.50 as they no longer have to pay the requester fees for that HIT. I dislike working for chump change, I dislike working for free even more.
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