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Why does panda crazy use so much data

Discussion in 'mTurk Scripts & Resources' started by Nnaemeka, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Nnaemeka

    Nnaemeka Turker

    My data subscription is limited. I installed panda crazy and realized that it was using so much data to search for and catch hits. I had to switch it off before I lose all my data. Why is it like that? I am using MTS and it doesn't consume data.
  2. Kadauchi

    Kadauchi Survey Slinger

    From a cursory glance at Panda Crazy's code, it looks like it is not using the .json formatted links to try and accept HITs. What happens is that when you miss a HIT on Panda Crazy, it is returning the whole page's html, which will be ~ 7kb each time. When MTS misses a HIT, it is only getting the JSON back which is less than 1kb. On top of this, Panda Crazy uses at least 4.8kb of data every 15s when it syncs your queue, but I believe this is adjustable.

    tldr; When you fail to accept a HIT with Panda Crazy, it uses ~14x more data (~7kb for PC vs ~500b for MTS).
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