Google (Endor) Requesters

This category is for properly tagging HITs/Requesters as part of Google's Endor team. HITs in this category must be hosted on Endor servers or strongly correlated to Google.

NOTICE: Do NOT return any HITs associated with Google Requesters as it will lock you out of all HITs hosted on their servers for the duration of the timer of the returned HIT, starting from the moment the HIT was first opened.

Endor Lockout (An error occurred)

The Endor lockout gets everyone from time to time, hopefully this post will help to further explain it.


If you see this error one of a couple of things has happened.

You returned a HIT from a Google Requester (hosted on Endor)
If you return a HIT you'll be stuck with this error on all currently and future accepted Endor HITs until the remaining duration of the HIT timer you returned runs out, starting from the time the HIT was opened in its iframe and assigned to you. So, for instance, if you returned a Zoltar with 30 minutes left on its timer you will not be able to complete any HIT from any requester who hosts their HITs on the Endor server until 60 minutes has elapsed (the normal duration for Zoltars) from the time you first opened the HIT. This is ALL Google Requesters (except some Sergey's).

Another HIT in your queue is the "active" Endor
Sometimes when you accept another Endor HIT in between submitting one and continuing the next the accepted HIT becomes the "active" Endor. This means you'll need to go through your queue (start at the end of it!) one by one until you find the "active" HIT.

Endor is playing a practical joke on you
This happens from time to time when the HIT loads in a weird way. The Endor server will return this error on accident, simply reloading the iFrame its shown in will usually fix it. There's even a script dedicated to doing so for you.

Endor Cap (Thank you for working on our HITs!)

This message most frequently appears when a worker has "capped" on an Endor batch. Google tracks the # of tasks you do in most (if not all) of its batches across requesters and there is usually a hard limit (often 5-10% of the total batch size) that any one worker can complete. Once you've done all the HITs available to you in the batch this message will appear.

Sometimes (YouTube Artist is the most prolific example of this) because of the way they upload the batch you will get a "false cap" and simply reloading the iFrame, or returning the HIT and accepting another, will allow you to continue working on the batch. There is no harm in this and so long as the message goes away on reload or return-and-accept you're free to continue working on the HITs. You should always try these methods to maximize potential earnings on Google batches.

Zoltars often hard cap at 200 completed, they've steadily had this cap for months now and it can be expected if you can manage to accept that many in a morning session :)

Google (Endor) Requester List

@clickhappier has compiled an exhaustive list of Google Requester accounts during his time on mTurk. Without his permission I'm not going to simply copy it here, but I also don't want to message him prematurely before publishing the wiki, so currently this snippet serves as a friendly reminder to ask him about this later.

Requester Name (Links to Wiki Page)Requester ID (Links to TurkOpticon)RejectsBlocksNotes/Description
Project Endor (Zoltar)A2ZRMA7YDNF5RJRarelyYesNone

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