Overwatch for worker.mturk

A userscript for watching requesters and HITs on the mturk platform. Overwatch will store and search for

user added requester IDs, HIT group IDs, requester names, and HIT titles, then alert the user when a search term is found on the worker.mturk site. The script can be installed from Greasyfork https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/24464-overwatch-for-worker-mturk and run using tampermonkey or greasemonkey.

Adding and Removing a Search Term (Watcher)

Valid search terms can consist of requester IDs, HIT group IDs, (partial) requester names, and (partial) HIT titles.
The script generally uses less resources to search for RIDs and GIDs than it does for strings.
Adding a Watcher

Use the text bar in the upper right portion of the screen to add a watcher. Input your search term, followed
by the "@" symbol, followed by the name you would like the watcher button to display. Then click "Add +" and your watcher will be created.
For instance; if you would like to create a watcher for Zoltar (using it's RID) and wanted the watcher
button to display "Zs" you would type "A2ZRMA7YDNF5RJ@Zs" (without quotes) and click the add button.
Removing a Watcher
Click on the yellow watcher buttons to make them red. Doing this will place the watchers on an ignore list so
you will no longer be alerted when HITs are found. To remove those watchers completely click "Remove Watcher(s)" and confirm you indeed want to delete them.

Importing & Exporting

Importing-(either HM or OW)
Paste either a Hitmonitor or Overwatch Export in the text bar in the upper right portion of the screen, then
click import.
Click the export button on the bottom toolbar. Copy and save the text displayed in the HIT feed.

The Settings Menu

Qual Watcher
*this is experimental and will result in false alarms quite often without a decent blocklist
Having this enabled will alert you to HITs that meet several different criteria (listed below) based on qualifications. There is a lot of junk that pops up so use the blocklist. In order for the watcher to be triggered qualified must be false, one of the quals has to either have a test, or has to be automatically granted, that qualification must not be created by amazon (to avoid adult content qual triggering everything) the qualification state must be active, and then obviously the requester can't be on your blocklist.
Interval(in Sec)
Sets the interval for the script. For example; set to 5, OW will search worker.mturk every 5 seconds.
Sleep(in Min)
Displays in minutes the amount of time for a GID to be "ignored" once we've seen it.
Alert Tone
A drop-down allowing selection of 4 alerts; Bloop, Blip, Pew, and TTS.
TTS Voice
Allows for selection of 4 voices in chrome and 2 in FF. Male and Female in chrome and Firefox. Chrome also gets
UK options.
A slider allowing volume control, an alert will play on mouseUp.
Persistent Display
Checking this box will keep the entire page on refresh or browser reboot.
Auto Launch
This will launch a requester page when the script sees a search term.
Desktop Notifications
Checking this will enable desktop notifications from the script. Checking the box will request permission if it has not
been granted.
Detailed Feed
Will enable/disable the display of more details about each HIT.
Will enable/disable the display of some helpful links on each HIT. *not finished*
Error Handling
This will enable/disable all responses the script attempts to make to page request failures.
(including logged out alerts)
When checked the accept and preview links will use the worker.mturk site. When unchecked the regular mturk links
will be used.
Glowing UI
Will enable/disable the glowing green/red interface that i had fun playing with ;P

Misc. Buttons

Edit Blocklist
Will bring up a dialog with instructions for imputing a blocklist. Use requester names separated by commas.
Speechpad,Crowdsurf Support,Foxtrot
Search All
Will go through all the HITs you qualify for on Mturk and returns any on your watchlist. The button will display
the current page on worker.mturk being searched and return to yellow/orange when finished.
Note: This may take some time if you have many HITs available to you.
Will print a list based on your watchers containing HIT GIDs, HIT titles, and an array of times the script has seen them

Youtube Tutorial

Credits & Links

Special thanks to all the contributors of the code, the testers who delivered countless bug reports, and the suggestions
of everyone who just wants to see a great script for us all to use.
Favicon was created by GraphicLoads(http://graphicloads.com/)

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