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Forums live and die by the HITs posted in their daily threads (over dramatic, I know). But seriously, HIT posters do a lot for us and they often go unheralded in all the hustle & bustle of trying to finish/submit HITs we all snag here. I've always thought its weird just how horrible of a process it is to actually post a HIT to a forum (or God forbid, multiple forums) so I wanted to work on streamlining the process and really encourage more HIT sharing in our community. I know folks don't love HN but fact is HITs are going to get posted somewhere, and I for one would rather see them here! :)

So here is v1 of TurkerHub xPort. It should shave off a couple seconds every time a member is nice enough to share a HIT with the community, and as all Turkers know every second is valuable! I'd love feedback, advice, & suggestions on other improvements that could be made to the script, or the process in general. But for now, onto a quick user guide.


You can install the script by going clicking this: Install Link

After installing it you'll need to change two lines around L23:

var user = 'forumUsername';
var pass = 'forumPassword';
I've setup some back-end stuff to allow the script to authenticate with TH's server and post data from your account. It can't read anything private about your account, it can only authenticate & post/see publicly viewable data. Its about as secure as logging into the forum normally, its just done without the user interface. Nonetheless, please take this opportunity to review this awesome guide by @Trickydude24 about keeping your mTurk account secure!

Once you've edited those two lines the script will be fully functional.

User Guide


#1 - This is the export button. Clicking this will tell the script to send this HIT (and any comments you have noted on it) to the forum. Once you click it you're 100% done, the script will do the rest for you.
#2 - This is the comment box. You can make note of time, bonuses, or whatever other comments you'd make about the script here.
#3 - Previously shared HITs will be marked as unavailable to export for the rest of the day (you can repost them again tomorrow if they show back up though!). For the most part this is to cut down on spam.
#4 - Error Notice. Before posting a HIT the script will take a quick peek at the thread and make sure no one else has already posted it in the last couple of minutes. If it finds that someone has, it'll let you know. Simply clicking this notice will dismiss it, or you can ignore it if its not in your way (it wont steal focus or render the website unresponsive).

Things may be styled differently when this script overlays on top of something like Hit Scraper, but everything will function the same.

That's it. Simple, efficient HIT sharing.

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