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Unanimous A.I. (UNU) is a "hive mind" decision making and chat platform currently in development (open beta). UNU posts HITs asking Turkers to use their site (unu.ai) to answer questions about different topics, usually sports predictions, movie trailers, or advertisements.

The interface of the UNU site lets people answer questions as a swarm. Once a question is asked, the people in the chat room try to pull the circle to their preferred answer. The circle will go to whichever answer the most people are pulling to.

Because these HITs are group activities, they require participating at a certain time, which is usually mentioned in the HIT title.

Their TurkOpticon reviews can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EPL qualification? Can I still get it?
The EPL qualification was given to fans of the English Premier League. It was originally given in a qual HIT, but Turkers can still request it by messaging Unanimous A.I. (contact link)​

How much does UNU pay to participate in its chat?
UNU has had a huge variety of HITs in its time on the mTurk platform, but for the most part they aim to pay $0.10/minute, or $6/hr, for however long they expect the HIT to take. Their standard "participate in a chat" HITs are $3 for 30minutes on their chat platform.
UNU has also been known to give out bonuses in their EPL and NFL HITs to the Turkers who made the most accurate predictions.​


For their "Pick the Winners of English Premier League Matches", the EPL qualification is required.

Basic qualifications include US location and >=90% approval rating.


Tip: You can click on any of the PANDA links on this page to see if this requester has blocked you
Live Group Activity -- Evaluate Ads as a Swarm
Watching an ad in UNU
These HITs involve watching advertisements and answering questions posed by the chat moderator about their effectiveness, distinctiveness, effect on the brand's reputation, etc.

GroupID: PANDA | Hit Save 1
Reward: varies ($1.50 - $3.50)
Duration: 2 hours
Auto-Approval: 5 days

HIT approval rate (%) is not less than 90
Location is US
Live Group Activity -- Watch Movie Trailers as a Swarm
These HITs involve watching movie trailers and answering questions posed by the chat moderator about how well those movies will do financially, and how popular they will be with their intended audience.

GroupID: PANDA | Hit Save 1
Reward: varies ($2.00 - $2.60)
Duration: 4 hours
Auto-Approval: 5 days

HIT approval rate (%) is not less than 90
Location is US
Pick the Winners of English Premier League Matches
These HITs ask questions about the week's upcoming EPL matches, such as which teams will win, how much you would be willing to bet on that outcome, how certain you are about the outcome, and what percentage of your fellow swarmers will get their chosen game correct.

Reward: varies ($1.05 - $2.35)
Duration: 5 hours
Auto-Approval: 5 days

EPL has been granted
Location is US
Unanimous A.I. has posted a few one-off HITs, such as "Predict the NFL Playoffs", "Predict the Super Bowl", and "Watch and Evaluate Short Videos". These function very similarly to their HITs listed above, just with different topics.
User Standings for Swarm Sports Predictions (2017)
UNU has prediction surveys attached to many of their Live Group Activity swarms where users can see where their predictions rank in relation to each other and earn bonuses for being on top.
English Premier League (EPL)
National Basketball Association (NBA)
National Football League (NFL)
National Hockey League (NHL)

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